The Ministry of Education is in charge of the Education sector in Peru. Its responsibility is to supervise and develop educational policy, requiring different technologies to support the decision-making process of its authorities.

Situation prior to the implementation of the Business Intelligence project

Like many other organizations, all departments within the Ministry manage their own information silos. This fact makes it difficult for the institution to make intelligent decisions with integrated information. MINEDU has different transactional systems to support their operational processes and for this Project we needed a set of dashboards that brought together all the relevant information residing in the transactional systems for it to be used in a unique decision-making process.

What were the main challenges you faced in the implementation of the project?

One of the main challenges was to access the information that was in different departments, the officials in charge were not willing to share it. The next hurdle was to design the dashboards for them to serve their decision-making purpose, after that everything went down the hill.

What were the main benefits at the end of the project?

The greatest achievement was that the analysts did not have to ask for information anymore, they could serve themselves from the DataMart.
They could use the information to deliver their analyses with precise data with no ambiguity like before.

Give us one sentence that summarizes your feelings about the use of the Business Intelligence platform in the company

Maximum efficiency, fast information delivery eliminates the possibility of making a slanted decision.

Why did you decide for AyniTech and the MicroStrategy platform?

There was a market study carried out by the MINEDU and since there was already work done within its offices with MicroStrategy we decided to follow the lead. AyniTech was the Company that developed this Project and since they are the experts, and we liked their work, we decided to work with them.