We are a private company that distributes electric power south and east of Lima, the capital of Peru. As an energy distribution company, we serve 33% of the Peruvian electricity sector.

Situation prior to the implementation of the Business Intelligence project

Our use of decision support reports was not good enough and we also required a better analytical capacity. We had a reports oriented tool called Business Objects, but we could not create dashboards with it. Under this light we started an evaluation process to decide for a technological solution that would empower us higher and better levels of analysis.

What were the main challenges you faced in the implementation of the project?

A project like this, that deploys new and innovative technology tools, has hurdles related to cultural change and training

  1. Changes on how to manage: Management did not use dashboards before nor had online information.
  2. Changes in the way to develop new reports: Users were used to Business Objects for several years.
  3. Detailed training to developers was required for them to manage and use the new tool.

What were the main benefits at the end of the project?

The results of the implementation were immediately evident for the Commercial department, since they replaced their reports with close to 30 dashboards that analyzed costs and commercial goals. Decision making processes were enhanced.

Give us one sentence that summarizes your feelings about the use of the Business Intelligence platform in the company

We carry more than light is our message, and with this project we were able to make an important contribution.

Why did you decide for AyniTech and the MicroStrategy platform?

The main strive came from the need to achieve greater projection for management, through the development of dashboards that would allow our Senior Executives to make decisions based on analysis and real-time information. We knew that MicroStrategy is one of the most powerful BI platforms in the world and that AyniTech was experienced in its implementation.