We are a TELECOM Operator that uses satellite based technology to deliver telephony and Internet to remote areas in Peru. Our Headquarters in Israel manufactures VSATs (Satellite Modems) and it is one of the leaders in the market worldwide.

Situation prior to the implementation of the Business Intelligence project

Initially the information related to our business was very dispersed, this fact generated delays in our analysis and affected our capability to make better decisions. Gathering data and insights demanded a significant percentage of the time of the IT department, thus delaying other activities.

What were the main challenges you faced in the implementation of the project?

Joining, organizing and summarizing information from different sources. The next challenge was transforming it in designs (Dashboards) that eased the decision process and made data understandable and deliverable in a practical manner.
One of our main hurdles was not having all the information we needed from the beginning of the project, this made it very difficult for us to move on with the implementation.

What were the main benefits at the end of the project?

There were several benefits, the most important one was to have easy access to relevant business information. The other was the fact that it helped pushed synergies within Management since they now had all the relevant information for decision making “on line”.

Give us one sentence that summarizes your feelings about the use of the Business intelligence platform in the company.

Efficiency, it is the result of all the efforts given at the end of the implementation process.

Why did you decide for AyniTech and the MicroStrategy platform?

We made a detailed analysis that pointed MicroStrategy as the best tool to deploy for the project. It gave us a practical way of visualizing, exploiting and storing data making it easy to transform it into valuable information for insights. AyniTech is a MicroStrategy Partner in Peru, they showed us their capabilities in an efficient manner (Managing MicroStrategy technology and deploying BI projects) and that is why we chose them.