We are one of the most important retail chain in Peru, with presence in all the major cities of the country. Based in Santiago (Chile), our corporation leads the Latin-American retail market.

Situation prior to the implementation of the Business Intelligence project

Our department did not have a Data Warehouse repository, so we usually worked preparing and sending spreadsheets files. (Since we did not have a structured way of handling the data). Knowing that analytical tools exist today that could help us better control our corporate information, we started designing this project. We established an analytical department, and that became an eye opener. It allowed the deployment of a basic information system, and thus the realization of the need to use Business Intelligence technology within our company.

What were the main challenges you faced in the implementation of the project?

Definitively resistance to change. We involved the leader of each area in the company, so they served as sponsors in promoting the project and communicate how it would benefit the group and its staff.

What were the main benefits at the end of the project?

Dramatic increase in efficiency, it allowed to optimize each staff’s time delivering information and insights online. Productivity was achieved thru higher sales results.

Give us one sentence that summarizes your feelings about the use of the Business Intelligence platform in the company.

Information has “value” and we did not appreciate that in the company and it should be the biggest asset that we have.

Why did you decide for AyniTech and the MicroStrategy platform?

I attended a training course about MicroStrategy and felt in love with the tool. It facilitates and optimizes company’s information in order to delivery and generate business insights.
We selected them after a very detailed selection process that considered the best analytics companies in Peru. AyniTech’s team is a very proactive organization, they go out there and find the best solutions for you.