We are one of the most important banks in the Peruvian financial sector. We are leaders in the wholesale and retail banking, by offering different products for developing consumer banking through micro-credit and credit placement.

Situation prior to the Implementation of the Business Intelligence Project

The bank used dashboards from its information system, but did not allow to analyze or evaluate in detail the information required by internal customers. To gain greater detail, the end users were forced to use manual processes to obtain the data required.

What were the main challenges you faced in the implementation of the project?

There were several challenges, the most important was the definition of a transversal information platform, useful for the end user. Others were, having the technology to support a clear visualization of the information for everyone and doing it in a timely manner.

What were the main benefits at the end of the project?

The ability to obtain and provide information daily by offering direct access to the end user without the intervention of the IT Department. The MicroStrategy tool enabled the organization a new way to manage information and implemented a more detail analysis of its data.

Give us one sentence that summarizes your feelings about the use of the Business Intelligence platform in the company.

Accurate, practical, timely and concise information without intervention of the IT department.

Why did you choose AyniTech and the MicroStrategy platform?

We reviewed several suppliers, at the end, we decided for the one that could deliver on our requirements. AyniTech’s striking, informative and concise demo assisted us in making the decision.