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of deploying analytics


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in Austin, Santiago and Lima.


Years of experience

in the Technology Industry

AYNITECH is now AYNITECH GROUP. After 10 years of deploying analytics for big enterprises we have ‘transformed’ some of our business units into SAAS companies. Their goal is to make technology accessible to small and medium enterprises at a low cost, enabling our customers an efficient digital transformation to become successful in this new world.

We keep serving our current market segment with the same service offering but now distributed within 2 service companies: (1) Technology Factories and (2) Analytics as a Service. Here we leverage the experience of more than 200 professionals located in our offices in Austin, Santiago and Lima.

Our Companies


Decisions System in the Cloud

T&T is a cloud-based EPM that puts together business intelligence, analytics, transactional systems and work group management tools to enable digital transformation with zero investment and low recurring cost.

Social Media Analytics 

IsocialCube is an Ecosystem that will become your social media analyst and strategist while guiding your efforts ‘step-by-step’ to reach your goals with our tools. 


Data Science, Big Data &

Data Tagging

Data Science, Analytics, Big Data and Machine Learning all in one place.


Engineering BPO & Technology factories

This is our Mother Ship!  We changed its course in order to make it more efficient and now it’s focused on two business units:

  • Technology Fact​ories

  • High End Engineering BPO


CyberSecurity Design Services

KRIPTOME was born to make cybersecurity accessible to small and medium size companies to enable the real digital transformation.